A Self Portrait

Author self protrait

My eyes are a like a Nebula,
their swirl of green, gold, blue-gray
and warm honey-brown
creating their own gravitational pull,
…that only a select few
have been strong enough to see
all the way through.

My heart radiates outwards,
creating an electromagnetic field
that seeks to soothe other hearts;
where, protected under my own tattered
feathered wing,
my beat lulls you to sleep.

My imagination is as wild as my hair,
untamed bouncing waves of soft silk
crashing down onto my shoulders…
like the ocean raging against
ancient stone cliffs.

My laugh is varied like wind chimes,
echoing boldly through the night
fleeting yet continuous in
musical flight.

My smile seeks your smile in return,
and my arms crave to pull you in
and skin-to-skin,
finally at home.

My lips are like sunsets; soft and pink
and they whisper beautiful wishes
(for you)
as you slide into sleep…
while you dream of kissing me
in between
the haphazardly strewn freckles
that run across my cheek.

My future is built with the strength
created by my past,
transforming the turbulence of then
into the ENERGY that is now;
potential rising,

I am the cumulation of experiences and events
that created me,
that consume me,
and that are yet to be.
I walk the earth, toes in soil, grounded
a soul as old as the oldest tree
has made a home inside of me.

I matter; I am matter.

I exist. I live in the time beyond this moment.

I am a book with pages still to be written.

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